Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and This Week’s Astrology

“Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself. All thoughts begin in wonder.” Plato

“To love is not a state. It is a direction.” Simone Weil

Mercury moves up to a conjunction to Jupiter this week making it a very good time for expanding your thinking, for exploring, learning and travel. The favorable alignment occurs at 27 degrees of Scorpio adding the depth of perception and expansion to big picture thinking.

Mercury is also making a favorable aspect to retrograde Chiron in Pisces. This bodes well for revisiting and rethinking any healing endeavors. . Chiron is the asteroid that, with conscious awareness, can contribute to the healing of what is fragmented. It is a good time to look for what might have been overlooked or missing pieces to the puzzle. This is a metaphysical duo and with a number of planets in Scorpio,  it is a time of mystery – a  good time to pursue what is mysterious to you.

Venus the goddess of love and abundance is squaring the Lunar Nodes now. It’s a good time to think about self care going forward. It is a crossroad of sorts where new people enter your life and others can become more distant.  It’s a good time to consider the kinds of people and relationships you would like to be drawing into your life now.

Venus will oppose Uranus this week. There is considerable upheaval in the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine now (in both men and women)  which is calling for new models of relationship and more consciousness in relating. This aspect  is likely to heighten the atmosphere around these issues.

The Sabian symbol for Venus squaring the Nodes is, “A broken bottle and spilled perfume.”

Saian symbol from Lynda Hill

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