Venus Opposite Uranus and Venus Prepares to Station Retrograde

“During  a long retreat I had what seemed to me to be an earth shattering revelation – that we cannot be in the present and run our story lines at the same time! Impermanence becomes vivid in the present moment; so do compassion and wonder and courage.” Pema Chodren

“Life is a spell so exquisite that everything tries to break it.” Emily Dickinson

Venus is now opposite Uranus and slowing down in the sky in preparation for the Venus Retrograde of 2018. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and under this influence there can be surprising and sudden events. When it’s  in an opposition to Venus, these events can be related to love, relationship  and to pleasure and abundance. There can be sudden twists and turns of events and plans. Uranus is a freedom loving planet and there can be a desire for more freedom or a sudden break for freedom under this influence.

I was recently reading Broken Open, a book by Elizabeth Lesser, in  which  she describes a love affair she had with a man she calls her “Shaman Lover.”  The experience she describes  is very much the kind of thing that would occur under a Venus/Uranus aspect.

She describes encountering this kind of person this way, “Sometimes the Shaman Lover has been sent by fate to blast us open, to awaken the dead parts of our body, to deliver the kiss of life. And if we succumb we are changed forever.”

There is always an erratic nature to Venus/Uranus relationships and often they come into a person’s  life as an awakening of some kind. Often they do not last, but their impact can be very freeing and life changing.

Traditionally in astrology it is thought that it does not bode well to start a new relationship during a Venus Retrograde time frame. This year Venus  will station retrograde at 15 degrees  of Scorpio on October 5  and retrograde back to 25 degrees of Libra on November 16. The surprising Venus/Uranus influence will be with us through early December due to the retrograde period.

It bodes well under the influence of a Venus Retrograde period  to reconsider your values and what you value.  It’s a good time to revisit what qualities you like in yourself and others and revisit relationship issues. It’s a good time to re-evaluate issues of self esteem and how you attract and create abundance in your life.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Uranus/Venus opposition is,” An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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