Venus Turns Retrograde

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone;  it has to be made and remade all the time, made new.” Ursula Le Guin 

Venus the planet of love, desire and beauty will station retrograde on March 4 and the retrograde period will last through April 15. Venus retrograde periods occur roughly every 18 months for 40 -43 days.

As with the better known Mercury retrograde periods this transit provides a good opportunity to pause and reflect -this time on the Venusian areas of life – those having to do with love, pleasure and desire and how you make these things manifest in your life. In general it is a good time to reflect on blind spots in your thinking and behavior in these realms.

Often old friends and lovers can surface during this time. It is not generally thought a great time to initiate new relationships but if this does occur it is likely that steps might need to be retraced in order to asceratain what might have been overlooked in the beginning.

Venus will station in the sign of Aries and retrograde back into the sign of Pisces.  Aries is an independent, assertive,  warrior like  sign – Venus knows what she wants in this sign and goes for it. She is quite capable of thinking and acting autonomously. Venus is Pisces however is extremely sensitive, impressionable, compassionate and romantic. When hardships come Venus in Aries can be assertive and fight whereas Venus is Pisces is more likely to retreat.

In general it is an opportunity to get clearer about your values – what you value in life – and how that might have evolved or changed over time. And how you advocate for what you believe in now.

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