Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini

“Nobody started it and nobody is going to stop it. It will take as long as it wants, the rain. And as long as it talks, I am going to listen.” Thomas Merton

“If you listen carefully enough to anything, it will talk to you.” George Washington Carver

The Moon waxes new on Wednesday at 22 degrees of Gemini, ushering in a new cycle in which there is an opportunity to improve communication skills and social interactions. Gemini is the sign of the Twins – the sign of duality. Under this influence it bodes well to think about how we take in information, listen to another’s point of view and how able we are to communicate in a low key, friendly and non- threatening way.

The starry skies are a place of considerable planetary changes this week as Mercury enters Cancer, Venus enters Leo and Neptune prepares to station retrograde. It’s time of change here on Planet Earth.

Neptune is stationary in the sky now and for that reason has a strong influence. It bodes well to focus on your higher aspirations, make an extra effort to be clear in communications and avoid the pull of unproductive habits. It is a good time for spiritual endeavors, creative work and imagination.

One of the Sabian symbols for the New Moon is, “Three fledglings in a nest high up in a tree.”

Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill

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