Venus Moves up to Saturn, Mars Dances with Neptune

“Millionaires often go to Buddhist monks to find happiness, the opposite rarely happens.” Kevin Cease

“Money is part of abundance but so is passion, fulfillment, connection and contribution.” Kevin Cease

“We cannot suspend our values during the workday and think we will have them back when we get home. We’re all interconnected. There is a spiritual dimension to business just as to individuals.” Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

Venus is moving up to a conjunction to Saturn now. Venus is  in Aquarius and in this sign she is open minded, innovative and a lover of community and working collaboratively. This is the way forward for the Age of Aquarius and for creating a more sustainable future.

Saturn will be squaring Uranus throughout this year – creating a tension between holding on and letting go. Venus governs values and what we value and in our time of rapid changes on the planet, it bodes well  with Mercury retrograde- to take some time and review  values and what is valuable to you –  to see if any correction or  updating is necessary.

If  there are any ideas or plans  on the table  about working with others  this would be a good time to review them.

Mars is aligning with Neptune now indicating a good time for idealism, for dreaming and for visioning.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A council of ancestors has been called to guide a person.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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