This Week in a Nutshell

“Behind our existence lies something accessible to us only by shaking off the world.” Arthur Schoepenhauer

“Only an instant is needed for insight to break through since it comes always as a single unity, not in some digital breakdown. Insight is always complete and perfect  in it’s single instant’s appearance for its wholeness. It appears in all or nothing form.” Joseph Chilton Pearce

It’s a busy week in the starry heavens. The week starts of with Mercury conjunct the Sun at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde period. Do be open to any insights that surface as significant information may emerge at this time. There can be important communications and also also new ideas about the future. It’s a good time to review how you communicate to push things forward.

The Sun in Aquarius will conjunct Pallas Athene, the asteroid of strategy and diplomacy. There can be insights that arise about how better to advocate for what is important to you especially in areas of life where you work or collaborate with others.

There can be irritability and impatience around this week too as Mercury squares Mars. It’s wise to keep communications clear as misunderstandings can more easily occur during the retrograde period and with this more heated influence. This can echo the Saturn/Uranus square in effect all year which speaks of a conflict between holding on to a more familiar past or moving into more visionary territory.

Mercury in Aquarius will be trining the North Node in Gemini indicating a good time to review where you’ve been on your evolutionary life path and heed ideas or revelations about where you’re going. The North Node is the place of life path and destiny in this lifetime.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A large white dove bearing a message.”


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