Stellium of Planets with Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

“Patience is required now – slow, steady, determined efforts.”  Nadia Gilchrist

“What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?” David Whyte

There is a large cluster of planets – a stellium – in the sky now involving the Sun and Pluto in late Capricorn and Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon and Pallas Athene in early Aquarius.

The appropriate use of power continues to be on the front burner. Mars is in a challenging alignment with Saturn , indicating a time of frustration. Best to pursue a moderate path and avoid overwork and overdoing.

Mars is conjunct Uranus, the planet of the unexpected for several more weeks. Mars, the planet of action and desire is frustrated in the sign of Taurus and when combined with Uranus- the planet of the unexpected –  can indicate the need to break free of pent up energy. It’s best to avoid impulsive behavior -both individually and on the part of others.

This duo can be hard on the nervous system. It’s best to create extra space  for renewal and rejuvenation.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Natural steps to a lawn blooming with clover.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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