Albert Einstein and the Sun Prepares to Enter Pisces

“How do I work? I grope.” Albert Einstein

“Every perception of the world around us is absolutely colored by the narrative or image-filled lens through which we perceive. We are all poets and artists as we live our daily lives, whether  or not we recognize this and whether or not we believe it” Thomas Moore

Albert Einstein was a Pisces – born on March 14. He  is well known for his quote, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Einstein was also a very idealistic person (Pisces can often be this way) and after learning about how his work and discoveries had contributed to the great suffering and destruction  caused by the bombing of Hiroshima, he became an advocate for nuclear disarmament and formed the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists who opposed the use of the atomic bomb.

Pisces can have high aspirations and often deal with disillusionment as a result. This is where faith and spirituality come in and Pisces often value spiritual or religious life.

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on Friday – strengthening the powers of imagination and intuition. This time frame – through March 20- provides a good time for imaginative, creative and spiritual growth.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Moonlit fields once Babylon, blooming bright.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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