Juno and Jupiter Under a Relationship Sky

“It is only natural that during this period of planetary energy shifts, all forms of life are being disrupted, including the forms of relationship. As the new age unfolds, we will evolve new forms of relationship to each other that will be the natural outcome of living more integrated, soulful lives and this will release a tremendous amount of creative energy.” Kathy Newburn

Juno is considered the marriage asteroid in astrology. In mythology Juno was married to Jupiter and they had a traditional marriage. Juno kept her vows but Jupiter, who was a lover of pleasure and known for excess, was often out chasing nymphs. Juno as a result was often angry, bitter and jealous and sought revenge.

When her limit had been eventually reached and Juno made plans to leave,  Jupiter fell ill and nearly died.

In her book, A  Planetary Awakening, author, astrologer and theosophist, Kathy Newburn wrote that as the Age of Aquarius takes hold, it will be commonplace in the western world (as it is other cultures now)  for couples considering a serious commitment to consult an astrologer beforehand. This would be to ascertain information about compatibility and the individual relationship needs of each person.

Juno is transiting the sign of Aquarius now and this is reflecting the many relationship forms that people are increasingly considering or experimenting with now. It’s also showing the desire for freedom from traditional roles and agreements. It is said in astrology that if you have  Juno in Aquarius  in your natal chart, for instance, there can be a natural curiosity about romantic relationships and a desire  for the freedom to explore and learn about them in different ways. Juno in Aquarius is not motivated to in the same way Jupiter was  -primarily by pleasure. It is more of an intellectual search or quest for freedom and for knowledge of some kind.

It’s  beneficial to take this  kind of things into consideration when considering how vows are fashioned.

Juno can also symbolize by house and sign placement where you can feel trapped in your life. Juno, for instance, felt she  was trapped not only by Jupiter’s behavior,  but  by  her own commitment to stay with him.

Juno also speaks of commitment in general – the kind of commitments we make in our lives.

Of course Juno doesn’t stand alone when taking into consideration relationship compatibility. Other  things must be taken into account  such as the placement of the Sun, Moon, rising sign and other planets and their aspects as well.




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