Venus and Mars Move into Aquarius

“The seat of the soul is where the inner and the outer world meet. ” Novalis

Every year Mars and Venus – the Cosmic Lovers – are together for roughly ten days. This year has been different with  this duo traveling together for six weeks. The energy has been different with the various aspects the planets make as they move together.  Most recently they have been conjunct Pluto – the Lord of Death and Rebirth which has made for a more challenging time.

Today – March 6 – they  have moved into the sign of Aquarius and are conjunct at 0 degrees. Mars and Venus together speak about relationship dynamics in general – not just in romantic relationships.

The planets have moved  from Capricorn – a sign that values the past and tradition – to Aquarius,  the sign of the future and innovation. It ushers in a  time when it bodes well to move in a direction of more independence and authenticity in relationship. Eccentricity- and the freedom it brings –  is valued by this sign.

It is a good time to consider what approaches you may have been taking in relationship that are no longer relevant and carve a new path forward.

There is a healthy detachment that comes with these two planets conjunct in Aquarius. It is a good time to move away from being overly dependent in relationship. Heightened emotions can be brought into balance with this influence and a more moderate atmosphere created and sustained.

Jupiter is conjunct the Sun now in Pisces – which can represent an expansion of wisdom and understanding. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction – the very significant aspect of this time frame- is tightening up. It is a good time to rekindle the flames of hope and inspiration and to cultivate courage for the path forward.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A woman reading tea leaves.”

Sabian symbols from Lynda Hill

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