Theosophy, Zelensky and Ukraine

“Invocating the Protector of Angels.” Van Morrison’s album title

“Wait a minute – hold that dream.” Van Morrison

One time when I was visiting Seattle, I was sitting in a cafe, jet lagged and wishing that there was a metaphysical bookstore nearby, when I looked up and saw that Quest, a bookshop run by the Theosophical Society, was across the street. They had a great selection of astrology books – both new and used – as well as a good assortment of other books on metaphysical subjects. The people who ran the bookshop were friendly and encouraged me to stay. They printed out astrology charts for people who came in and I would weigh in on interpreting them.

I came across a book there, A Planetary Awakening by Kathy Newburn. She is a Theosophist and editor of The Journal of Esoteric Psychology. In the book she describes an interview that took place after WWII with a high ranking Nazi military official. He described the  battle to conquer a certain territory, which regardless of their various efforts, they were unable to do. He credited their failure to accomplish this with something he found out about much later. He said that at certain regular intervals a few times a day, the church bells would ring in the region, reminding the people to meditate or pray to protect the area. People outside the region and across the world were encouraged to participate at the same times if possible.  The Nazi official said in retrospect, that  there was no way they could have defeated the power of that.

The Theosophists have often written about the power of people meditating in an organized way, at the same time, regardless of their location.

The Theosophical Society of Portland, Ore.  has published a similar meditation for peace in Ukraine and set certain times throughout the day when people can participate.

Here’s the link

One of the interesting things about Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s natal astrology chart is that he has Neptune and Jupiter on his ascendant/descendant axis. This indicates very much a man of the times who can bring hope and inspiration to the world. Jupiter and Neptune are within orb now and exact in April. This alignment is somewhat of a rare occurrence – only  happening approximately every twenty years.

Zelensky also has the Sun opposite Mars indicating great strength and courage. His Gemini rising sign can indicate a person who is nimble with technology and communication. He  has the Sun and Venus conjunct at the early degrees of Aquarius – where Mars and Venus are transiting now. This alignment can be helpful to him.

One of the Sabian symbols for Zelensky’s chart is,”A council of ancestors has been called to guide a man.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill




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