Synchronicity and the Solar Eclipse

“Sometimes the key arrives before the lock.” Rebecca Solnit

“Every time I have become aware of a synchronicity experience, I have had an accompanying feeling that some grace came along with it.” Jean Shinola Bolen

Uranus, the planet of the future and of the unexpected, is powerful at the time of this weekend’s Eclipse in Taurus.  This alignment reminds me of the Ten of Pentacles in Waite’s Tarot Card deck.

The Ten of Pentacles is a beautiful card – depicting a scene at a castle courtyard. Inside the gates there is a royal family – a father, a mother and a small child. The mother and father are talking with each other and the child is looking outwards towards the open castle gate.  Two white dogs stand near them also looking out.

This card is about the abundance and stability that family and community can bring into our lives. But it is also a card about seeing the magic in life.  Outside the castle gate stands a Magus – a wise man or magician. He has a long white beard and his heavy clock is embroidered with metaphysical symbols. The children and the dogs see the Magus, but the parents do not.   It indicates that in order to see the magic in life or the synchronicity in life, there  needs to be an openness, a certain kind of innocence and intuition.

The Solar Eclipse this weekend is on Saturday April 30 at 10, almost 11 degrees of the earthy sign, Taurus at 4:28 PM EDT.  Uranus, the futuristic planet of the unexpected is conjunct the Sun and Moon at this time. With heightened awareness there can be glimpses of the future or experiences with synchronicity that  point the way -both before the Eclipse and several days after.

This Eclipse opens a new cycle and is very positive in nature. It is  New Moon Eclipse and bodes well for intention setting.

One of the Sabian symbols at this time is, “A Red Cross nurse with warm sympathy.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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