Mercury Retrograde, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes

“You may not remember, but let me tell you this, someone in some future time, will think of us.” Sappho

“A high percentage of the significant issues we deal with throughout our lives are inherited through the family lines.” Eric Francis

Saturn is squaring the Lunar Nodes of destiny now and will be throughout the Mercury retrograde period which starts on May 10 and runs through June 3.  Mercury will station retrograde at 4 degrees of Gemini on May 10 and will retrograde down to 26 degrees of Taurus on June 3- joining the North Node and squaring Saturn.

As is normal this retrograde period will provide a good time to reflect, revisit and reconsider. Saturn squaring the Nodes  indicates a crossroad time when it bodes well to review the past and think about how you might like to evolve your path forward. It’s a serious time to take consequences and time into consideration.  Particularly it may be helpful to consider the influence of the lives of your ancestors on the way decisions are made.

Mercury will station retrograde conjunct the fixed star Algol. The myth of Algol is about women betraying women – which we can see play out often in patriarchal situations. It’s also about how powerful women can be denounced or ridiculed in order to attempt to silence them- which we often see in public life.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A glass bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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