Monday’s Full Moon in Aquarius and The End of an Era

“As part of an introspection, I find myself reviewing where I came from, how today is  a lot like living in the 1960’s, like the only way you could make it out of that time in one piece was to be bold, brave, find your tribe (family) in your expanded generational discovery of one another
and hold onto a sense that a new age was unfolding, and you and your circle of adventurists were co-creating this brave new world. Current events were dark, just as today, but our visions for a brighter future and a world of peace and beauty were strong, which is something we need today. Ray Merriman

“The end of a cycle is always the most challenging time. The beginning of a new cycle is usually awesome and inspirational, filled with new ideas and new leaders. “Ray Merriman

The end of the cycle that Ray Merriman was referencing will end  Dec 21 of this year when Jupiter and Saturn both enter the sign of Aquarius. This is general speaks of  ushering in a  time of increased inspiration, hope and much needed reform.

Monday’s Full Moon is at 11 degrees of Aquarius at 11:59 AM EDT. This is a good time to focus on personal authenticity and what needs to happen in your life to evolve more in that direction.

Venus is conjunct the North Node at this time bringing to light the importance of self love and love as a force in the world. I was driving past a general store in a country town here the other day and on the blackboard outside was written,”Spread Love.” A good message to keep in mind in these times of change.

There is a Mystic Rectangle formed by the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Jupiter at the Full Moon indicating an opportunity for new and wise perspectives to arise which can improve relationships and commitments.

It can be a nervy time and best to stay focused and open about an opportunities for new perspectives as the old models no longer apply. There can be increased irritability and impatience with Mars in Aries (this transit will last through December ) and it’s wise to factor that in now.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”An old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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