Under a Relationship Sky

“Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest of human beings infinite distances continue to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible to see the other whole and against a wide sky.” Rilke

“A lot of our presumptions and assumptions about relationship go largely unrecognized.” Eric Francis

Venus is now retrograde and astrologer and author Eric Francis describes this time (through the end of  January) as Venus, the goddess of love, in search of “the other” in the Underworld.  This is because Venus is  conjunct Pluto and makes the exact conjunction three times – the last being in early March.

The Underworld is Pluto’s realm where unknowing becomes transformed into evolved  conscious awareness.  With Underworld journeys though, there is always a sense of unknowing or walking through the darkness as Persephone did.

There is a solitary nature to this journey.

We are living through times of great change on the planet and so many things are up  for review.

The journey of Venus through this territory offers a fertile time to look more deeply into thoughts and beliefs about love and relationship.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.”

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