The Sun and Mercury Move into Taurus

“The earth isn’t solid. It is made of molecules and atoms, tiny universes filled with space. It is a place of light and of magic, if you only open your eyes.” Dan Millman

“The Earth is peopling as apple trees “apple.” People are produced from the Earth as apples from apple trees.” Alan Watts

The Sun and Mercury both just entered Taurus, the sign of the Bull. Under the influence of this earthy sign, pragmatics rules and attention turns to what works   It is a good time to focus on resources and what provides stability and security. While the sign of Aries may be racing towards the future with lots of ideas and plans, Taurus is the sign of the present and the wisdom of staying grounded in the present.

Taurus is a sensual sign and provides excellent timing to nurture and care for the body. It’s  also a good time to reconnect to the earth- by gardening or spending more time in special places in nature.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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