Mercury’s Transit Across the Sun

“Alchemy was not only the mother of chemistry, but also the forerunner of our modern psychology of the unconscious.” Carl Jung

On Monday Mercury will transit the Sun – an event which occurs roughly every ten years. Mercury rules the mind and communications and during this retrograde period it bodes well to look inward and to see what is changing in your inner life on a deep level.

This is an alchemical aspect with the trine to Pluto. There is a deep, penetrating quality to the mind at this time which can access information that is not ordinarily available and lends the ability to transform long held thoughts, beliefs and assumptions in a profound way.

The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun occurs at 19 degrees of Taurus and one of the Sabian symbols for it is, “A moving finger points to significant passages in a book.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill.

On the Saturn/Neptune Square

This Saturn/Neptune square is an influence throughout this year – here is what astrologer and writer Lynn Bell wrote about it

“As certain cherished parts of our lives slip through our fingers, it can seem that Neptune and Saturn take us away from where we want to be. And yet it is our outworn dreams and wishes we are leaving behind.

Saturn Neptune aspects test our vision, take us to the graveyard of dreams, and yet it also call up new ones. Human beings generate dreams to keep them moving forward.

The houses transited by the current Saturn-Neptune square show us where new visions are incubated and old ones lose power and slowly drift away. We may be asked to let go of something so that the world can light up again. Saturn-Neptune cycles call up a vivid inner life, long before it appears in our awareness. Paradoxically it is often at the moment of a loss that there is an opening for our dreams to swim to the surface.”

An Expansive Week Ahead

“Imagination is real because every perception of the world around us is absolutely colored by the narrative or image-filled lens through which we perceive. We are all poets and artists as we live our daily lives, whether we recognize this role or whether or not we believe it. ” Thomas Moore

There is an old expression that intuition is a memory of the future. There is much help, support and guidance for expansion – a good week for discovery, for learning and for teaching. If you feel that your vision of the future has been limited in some ways this is the week to expand it through imagination, creativity and intuition. The many planets which are retrograde now indicate a time of inner journeying.

The planets forming a grand trine in earth signs provide and excellent influence to envision how to ground your higher dreams and aspirations in a concrete way to your everyday life.

There is also an planetary influence which indicates a time when illusions can be revealed or  shattered Рhelping with evolution forward.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” A woman sprinkling long rows of flowers.”


Sabian symbols quoted from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom