On the Saturn/Neptune Square

This Saturn/Neptune square is an influence throughout this year – here is what astrologer and writer Lynn Bell wrote about it

“As certain cherished parts of our lives slip through our fingers, it can seem that Neptune and Saturn take us away from where we want to be. And yet it is our outworn dreams and wishes we are leaving behind.

Saturn Neptune aspects test our vision, take us to the graveyard of dreams, and yet it also call up new ones. Human beings generate dreams to keep them moving forward.

The houses transited by the current Saturn-Neptune square show us where new visions are incubated and old ones lose power and slowly drift away. We may be asked to let go of something so that the world can light up again. Saturn-Neptune cycles call up a vivid inner life, long before it appears in our awareness. Paradoxically it is often at the moment of a loss that there is an opening for our dreams to swim to the surface.”

Mars and Pluto

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber

With Mars and Pluto slowing down and preparing to station retrograde it is a time of liminality – a time in between. It is best to let ideas and intuitions emerge. What is calling to you on a soul level? Avoid the tendency to overwork. Provide extra down time in nature to keep frustration at bay and to tune into the life of the natural world.


February 2013 Astrology

“The world is but canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau

February is a good month to keep your own counsel – to rely on your intuition and inner sense of knowing as it may be difficult to discern the meaning of events as they appear and are interpreted in the outer world. Neptune’s influence is strong all month – meaning illusion is about.

Deepening intuition, freeing the imagination to explore and create and growing in empathy are good directions to take all month long.It is bodes well to keep levels of inspiration high. Inspiration is about and can be more easily tapped into especially if a place is carved out for it in the midst of busy daily routines.

It is also a good idea to nurture and strengthen the immune system.

Notable Planetary Activity this month:

Early in the month:

Mars moves into Pisces forming a conjunction to Neptune and Chiron. This is a good time to consider the appropriate use of personal power and work on healing and repairing any related wounds of an emotional nature. Information about his process may come through dreams, intuitions and inspirations so do heed information that comes through these channels.

Venus moves into Aquarius trining Jupiter: This is a good time to consider our interrelationship with all of humanity and the natural world. It can bring joy, expansiveness and pleasure. Avoid excess.

Venus sextiles Uranus: This can bring love at first sight experiences as well as breakthroughs in areas of relationship, finances and happiness. Heed innovative solutions and pathways.

Mercury, Mars and Jupiter’s alignment indicates it bodes well to think before you speak or act as there is an indication that impulsive speech and action can lead to trouble. Conversation can take a more adversarial tone and more conflict can be about.

The New Moon is at 21 Aquarius on 2/10 EST. The wind is at our back with positive and clear intention setting as the Jupiter Mars square has excess energy to lend.

On the 11th Venus moves up to a square with Saturn. Squares indicate the need to overcome and at this time feelings of scarcity can easily arise. Moderation is key. Everything is in a state of evolution regardless of appearances.

Mid Month: Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio on the 18th. This can be a frustrating time in terms of accomplishing things. It is best to avoid frustration and pushing too hard.

The Sun moves up to a conjunction with Neptune on the 21st – a good time for creative work and spiritual growth but can bring confusion to mundane matters.

Mercury stations retrograde on the 23 – get any necessary repairs done and contracts signed before that point if possible.

The Full Moon is at 7 degrees of Virgo on the 25.

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* quotes from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra . All times mentioned are EST

Neptune and the Illuminated Mind

Neptune and the Illuminated Mind

“Do you see what I see…?
A star, a star
dancing in the night
with a tail as big as a kite
with a tail as big as a kite…”*

Neptune is in Pisces now (through 2025) and when this transit has occurred in the past it has been a time of spiritual growth and awareness on the planet. This transit is often referred to as “awakening to inner divinity” or awakening to the higher nature.

This weekend I was listening to a lecture which mentioned the song “Do you see what I see?” often heard at the time of the Winter Solstice when Christians celebrate Christmas. It written by Noel Regney and Gloria Shane during the Cuban Missile Crisis when the US was “on the brink” of and preparing for nuclear war.

The recent transit of Venus across the Sun increased the powers of visualization and thoughts can manifest more quickly into reality now. We are always free to choose our level of perception- especially in times of fear and crisis – as these two inspired writers so clearly demonstrated. With Neptune’s transit through Pisces higher levels of inspiration and guidance are more easily accessible.