Chiron, Uranus and Pluto

“Sometimes the most important thresholds of mystery are places of silence. To be genuinely spiritual is to have great respect for the possibilities and presence of silence…When you listen with your soul you come into rhythm and unity with the music of the universe.” John O’Donohue

I have a favorite place to visit. It is a hidden pond up in the hills. When first there I settle in by the water’s edge and watch the busyness above and below the surface – the baby turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, the tadpoles darting about among the reeds in the dark murky water, the blue heron, staring into the depths in search of his dinner. I look for the beaver’s often invisible presence by tracking the trail of bubbles which arise in the wake of their underwater journeys. Sometimes at dawn or dusk the silence is broken by a loud crack of a beaver tail hitting the surface. Playful otters roll and cavort through the water there too. They enter and leave the pond through mysterious underground waterways.

One day as I sat by the pond I was startled by a question of a passerby which broke the silence. “I see you here often” she said. “Are you looking for something you lost in the water?” I shook my head no, and smiled.

But maybe I was. Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer is in the watery sign of Pisces and the woman’s question had touched on something I had not considered – how healing it can be to sit quietly by the pond’s edge, to wonder at its mystery and hidden life below the surface. And perhaps my time spent looking into the water was in search of something I had lost – a sense of the magical interconnectedness of all life which is so often overlooked in our busy, modern world.
We are at a powerful threshold astrologically this week. With clarity and intention personal evolutionary leaps are possible. It bodes well to visit a special place in nature and to do things that are healing and restore a sense of wholeness, Chiron’s gift.

Why consult an astrologer? Challenges are often best met with a broad and fresh perspective.

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