New Moon in Leo

“Imagination is real because every perception of the world around us is absolutely colored by the narrative or image-filled lens through which we perceive. We are all poets and artists as we live our daily lives, whether we recognize this role and whether we believe it or not. Thomas Moore

Recently I was reading about a psychological study often referred to as the gorilla-on- the- basketball -court study. Psychologists asked a group of subjects to count the number of times the ball bounced during a basketball game. The subjects were Type A personalities – concerned with accuracy and completing their tasks with success.

During the course of the game a person dressed in a gorilla costume went out onto the court, wandered around a bit and then left. When the game was over the psychologists asked the subjects -“how many bounces did you count ?” And then they asked, “What did you think about the gorilla?”

This experiment has been performed many times and each time the participants responded, “What gorilla?”

One thing this study talks about is the power of focus and concentration. It is also about broad perception and the things – magical things – for example like synchronicities or surprising events that can cause a sudden shift in consciousness – that can be missed when the focus is too narrow.

This weekend with Saturday’s New Moon at 3 degrees of Leo is a good time to explore the myriad directions that you would like to pursue in your life – the kind of possibilities that you do not normally entertain while counting the bounces. Look at the way you have been navigating your life’s journey up to this point and acknowledge progress. Invite change to usher in a new cycle of opportunity that brings you closer to your dreams and life purpose. Reclaim courage.

A pragmatic map can be created at a more favorable time.

Why consult an astrologer? To make time to better explore your soul’s journey.