Dancing with Uranus and Mercury

“What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky? ” David Whyte

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

Today and for the next few days Mercury in Taurus will be meeting up with Uranus, the futuristic planet of innovation and sudden knowing. Uranus governs inventions that are ahead of their time and often out of reach of the legal system, like the internet. It also governs lightning and can bring sudden flashes of intuition or inner knowing that clear the tension of the mental landscape.

Uranus can speed things us and when teamed up with Mercury, words can have unintentional consequences and there is a strong tendency to speak first and think about it later. So it’s wise to heighten awareness around how you communicate for the next few days.

Nerves can be more on edge as well.

Uranus is strong in the sky as a general ongoing influence in our time bringing with it the tendency to think about the future. It’s wise to take extra downtime with this influence, to nurture the nervous system and to envision a healthy future for you and for the life of the planet going forward .

Venus is making an beneficial trine to  Jupiter bringing more of a sense of abundance, pleasure and enjoyment into the picture.

All of this takes place with the backdrop of Venus forming a challenging aspect to the South Node, Pluto and Saturn conjunction. This aspect indicates that old fears or concerns about security and stability or issues having to do with a scarcity of love and money may be on the table. In the Tarot deck this is akin to the Five of Pentacles which shows two despondent¬† people walking in the darkness near a church with a stained glass window which is illuminating the night. They look hopeless. The idea behind the card is that what they need to do is look up at the stained glass window – bringing light and illumination¬† to the problems they are facing. This is a good perspective to take on old – sometimes ancestral issues- if they arise now. It’s wise to keep a balanced perspective on anything like that and be open to innovative thinking that can break up old patterns from the past.

And do take time to tap into the pleasure and beauty around you. I was reading something recently and it said,”don’t miss the beauty of the present moment.”

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