More on Saturday’s New Moon in Taurus

“I look into the world
In which the sun is shining
In which the stars are sparkling
Where stones in stillness lie
Where living plants are growing
Where animals live in feeling
Where humans within their soul
Give dwelling to the spirit.” Rudolph Steiner

Saturday’s New Moon in Taurus forms a harmonious aspect to both Saturn and Pluto , making this a time to reaffirm or commit to your values – what it  is that is important to you now on a deep level . We live in a time of great change here on planet earth and often people remark that they are passionate about things or doing things they could not have anticipated  before – in order to contribute their energy to creating a better world.

This has to do with a shift in values.

Taurus , being an earthy sign, governs, among other things, gardening and agriculture. At one time I lived on a farm and a couple came to live with us who traded their farm chores for room and board. When we sat down for dinner at night they would say a simple grace, “Let us think to the origins of our food,” which would  then be followed by a moment of silence. This simple grace was a way for us to become more aware and more grateful for our connection to the earth – to the sun, and rain and plants and animals and all the earth provides to make life possible.

This New Moon is about our commitments to what sustains us. It’s wise to rethink daily routines and see if they can be moved in a more healthy direction with diet, exercise and quiet time and set intentions at the New Moon. Factor in your determination to follow through and persevere.

It’s also a good time to spend time in nature – to take a trip to a place in a park or garden or forest that is special to you.


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