Full Moon in Cancer

“In dreams begins responsibility.” William Butler Yeats

One of the Sabian symbols associated with Wednesday’s Full Moon in Cancer is ” A child of about five is carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries.” The sign of Capricorn is about attaining goals, about manifestation and about achieving heights. This symbol is a reminder to assess the amount of responsibility you carry in this process and if it is out of balance to make appropriate adjustments.
In addition to the Full Moon energy which tends towards extremes Mars is squaring Jupiter and Venus is opposing – meaning that it is easy to overreact. Keep moderation in the picture.

Another symbol associated with this Full Moon is, “A nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.” Bringing levity or a light hearted approach to situations can help to break up gridlock as can tuning in to more subtle energies.

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Sabian symbol quote from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Linda Hill WB Yeats quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra