Full Moon in Scorpio

“Socrates had it wrong; it is not the unexamined but finally the uncommitted life that is not worth living.” William Sloane Coffin

“Genuine commitment is a journey into the unknown.” Madonna Kolbenschlag

The Moon waxes full at 20 degrees of Scorpio on May 10 in the US. One of the important themes of this time is commitment. With the Sun and the Moon harmoniously aspecting Pluto – the powerful god of transformation and rebirth- it bodes well to take some time out to consider what commitments you need to walk away from as well as which which ones need to be prioritised and supported in order to grow and flourish.

Pluto is conjunct Juno at this time as well – in the sign of Capricorn. In mythology Juno – who took her vows  seriously – was married to Jupiter who was notorious for his romantic liasons outside of marriage. Juno could become bitter as a result but when she threatened to leave, Jupiter
would become distraught – life threateningly so – at the idea of a life without her.

In terms of the ancient history of astrology, the asteroid goddesses – Juno being one of them- are relative newcomers on the scene and are associated with the re-emergence of the feminine in the psyche – for both men and women –  and in society. Up to this point in western astrology, the Moon and Venus were the only symbols for the feminine roles in society – representing the young girl, daughter and the mother.

The asteroid goddesses embody many of the roles women can play – such as Juno with her own commitments – regardless of those defined by society or a tradition or Pallas Athene – the goddess of compassionate justice, a shrewd and renowned diplomat known for her invincibility in battle – if it came to that.

Mercury is still conjunct Uranus – a bit hard on the nervous system- but a harbinger of new innovative ideas and perceptions as well as some occaisionally  surprising and disruptive ones. Do take some time out to replenish your nervous system if needed. and do guard against impulsive speech and be prepared for it on the part of others.

Juno presides over the timing of the inception of relationships as well of the times of separation and divorce. With Juno so strong in the sky now it can be a powerful time for these types of situations as well as beginnings/endings/separations related to commitments in general.

People keep asking me when things will calm down. I think most likely things will improve a bit in a few weeks when  Mars moves out of Gemini as well as when Venus moves into the more calm and stabilizing sign of Taurus. Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini are contributing to  a time when people can want what they want NOW – a sense of urgency- with a bit of insistence on having it their own way.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, “Obeying his conscience, a soldier disobeys orders.”

An Astrologer or Tarot Card reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.

Sabian symbol reference from Lynda Hill

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