Sun in Gemini and New Moon in Gemini

“My sources are unreliable but their information is fascinating.” Ashleigh Brilliant  

The Sun is in Gemini now and this is a very mercurial sign – with the symbol of the Twins. It is dualistic in nature. It is the sign that loves to gather information and details and often is found in people who are out in the world keeping things light and moving –  like a butterfly lighting from flower to flower. When I envision this sign I think of mercury – the substance. And if you take an old thermometer and break it, the mercury spills out and scatters on the table in small silvery balls. There is a magical quality about this sign and something  sparkling and glittering about the people born under it  – if you have that kind of vision. It can be a very freewheeling sign and multi talented and diverse.

What Geminis have to watch out for is becoming too scattered in their detail gathering and intake of information. This can result in becoming mentally exhausted and stressed. And this is the energy around us until the Sun changes into Cancer at the Solstice June 21.

It’s a good time for more down time and quiet reflection to help with the integration of fast moving events and communications.

Opposite signs in astrology on one level have to do with reconciling the inherent duality. Sagittarius is the opposite sign of Gemini and this sign has to do with a philosophy or religion that unifies all the random information and creates order and coherence  by putting it under a general philosophy.

Pythagoras – who was trained in Mystery Schools- taught about the meaning behind numbers and believed they were a way to connect the mundane world to the higher realms. Pythagoras taught that it was important no matter how fragmented or chaotic things may appear, to remember the unifying force of the One – the point of origin for all things.

We are living in the information age now or digital age and as the ad  so accurately says, “Life comes at you fast.” It is also a time of revolutionary change individually as well as globally and people are challenged to question beliefs that were known quantities in the past such as what does it mean to be a Democrat or a Republican or a Catholic or a Muslim now because the ground underneath everything can feel like it’s shifting and on a basic level things may need to be redefined and rebuilt in a new and authentic way.

This can make life feel a bit chaotic but in times like these I like to think about  the god Chaos in mythology. As the British astrologer, Phillip LIndsay wrote, Chaos is inherent in every living thing and system but there is no light  by which he can be seen. Chaos resides in his kingdom with his bride, Night.

Today’s New Moon is at 4 degrees of Gemini and the Sabian symbol associated with it is,”A radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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