Icarus and the New Moon in Scorpio

“I looked up when Icarus came down –
But who would notice ?
People are always crashing.” Dashka Slater

“You say he flew too far?
He flew just far enough. He flew precisely
to the point of wisdom.” Dashka Slater

The Moon waxes new  Saturday Nov 18 at 26 degrees of Scorpio. One of the symbols of  the sign of Scorpio is the Phoenix with its legendary ability to “rise from the ashes.”

Alot of the problems we face now in our time have to do with not properly acknowledging  and working with the natural life/death/rebirth cycles that accompany us throughout our lifetimes. This process often involves an ending of some kind and then a time of walking through the darkness of not knowing. When this part of the cycle ends we emerge – like Persephone – with a renewed vision and new aspirations.

Sometimes our aspirations  can be too high – like those of Icarus who flew too close to the sun with his wings of wax and crashed to the ground.  Times like these are an opportunity to understand things from a deeper level and eventually move on with a renewed but wiser sense of our process.

The New Moon in Scorpio provides good timing for moving on like the Phoenix – with renewed vision, courage and increased wisdom.

One of the Sabian symbols of this time is,”Native Americans making camp in new territory.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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