Saturn in Capricorn

“We tense up where Saturn is in our charts and would remain frozen there if it wasn’t for the transits, which repeatedly knock on the door, suggesting that we face our fears and engage with this great god of time and limitation… Saturn transits give us an opportunity to go back and engage with thresholds we were not able to cross before. To lay old ghosts.” Clare Martin

“Let us be glad for the work that must be done.” Joanna Macy

Saturn is the planet of duty and obligation. It governs our responsibility to ourselves, our personal evolution, our responsibility to others and to the world at large. Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn on Dec 20  and transit through this sign through 2020. Saturn in Capricorn is about mastery and power. It is wise to keep the idea of service to others and to the world during this time and to keep joy in the doing.

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