Jupiter, Mars &Chiron

The skies are full of significant planetary activity for the next two weeks. The Sun will conjunct Jupiter tomorrow – bringing with it the opportunity for for increased wisdom and growth – given certain caveats.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Mars/Chiron aspect this week is, “A sword used in many battles, is now in a museum.” With this aspect events can conspire to trigger old emotional wounds in need of healing. These wounds can be of an ancestral, cultural and familial nature and can appear as events that come back to haunt us. Mars is square Chiron indicating the need to overcome something such as limited perceptions or illusions about the past. Use Jupiter’s love of wisdom and knowledge to shed light on these areas and to awaken new perspectives.

Jupiter can have an excessive side and it is best to keep moderation in the picture and to watch the overuse of the conscious mind which can lead to mental exhaustion.

Keep intentions clear as this summer – the laws of attraction will be strengthened by planetary activity.

Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s, 360 Degrees of Wisdom