Jupiter, Mars &Chiron

The skies are full of significant planetary activity for the next two weeks. The Sun will conjunct Jupiter tomorrow – bringing with it the opportunity for for increased wisdom and growth – given certain caveats.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Mars/Chiron aspect this week is, “A sword used in many battles, is now in a museum.” With this aspect events can conspire to trigger old emotional wounds in need of healing. These wounds can be of an ancestral, cultural and familial nature and can appear as events that come back to haunt us. Mars is square Chiron indicating the need to overcome something such as limited perceptions or illusions about the past. Use Jupiter’s love of wisdom and knowledge to shed light on these areas and to awaken new perspectives.

Jupiter can have an excessive side and it is best to keep moderation in the picture and to watch the overuse of the conscious mind which can lead to mental exhaustion.

Keep intentions clear as this summer – the laws of attraction will be strengthened by planetary activity.

Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s, 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Jupiter in Gemini

“Jupiter bestows the gift of perspective upon those who are ready for it. It makes conscious the previously unconscious models we’ve been using to confer meaning on things. These models frame our relationship with the big, wide world.” Jessica Murray

Jupiter is in Gemini now for another couple of weeks until it moves into Cancer on June 26. Gemini governs the thinking process and with Jupiter in that sign there is the opportunity to expand the lens through which we perceive reality. It can broaden our understanding, vision and horizons and make customary or habitual thought patterns feel limited and outdated.

Venus is now entering into the Pluto/Uranus square – feelings of scarcity- particularly involving love and abundance – can arise under this aspect. It is a good time to review progress made in confronting these types of issues and to harness the energy of the aspect to transform these areas. Look to innovative ideas and breakthroughs.

Jessica Murray is an author and astrologer and can be found on mothersky.com

Jupiter and Expansion

“Jupiter’s craving is to constantly expand the parameters of life beyond the familiar.” Caroline W. Casey

I have a friend – also an astrologer – who once told me that during certain planetary transits “agents of the planet” appear. By this he meant people who embody the energy of the transit or people who bring us information relevant to it.

Under the current Jupiter/Sun sextile I was in touch with a client who seems very Jupiterian. She started an antique shop which has expanded considerably over the years. She looks as if she has a lot of pleasure and optimism (both qualities of Jupiter) in her life as well as a mix of gypsy blood and horse- trader expertise.

We were in touch because she wanted to promote her new online store. She said with assurance, “we are going to launch it in September and the business will keep growing and growing.” This is Jupiter’s expansive realm.

It reminded me that when approaching endeavors, pragmatics, good strategies and planning all have their place but optimism and an expansive orientation are a very valuable component in creating a rewarding outcome.