Jupiter Squares the Lunar Nodes

“We can have excuses or we can have  health, love, longevity, understanding, adventure, money, happiness. We design our lives through the power of our choices. We feel most helpless when we’ve made choices by default, when we haven’t designed our lives on our own.”Richard Bach

“Kindness is the golden thread that holds society together.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jupiter, newly entered into the sign of Pisces is now squaring the Lunar Nodes – with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. This represents a significant choice point. When making  decisions it’s wise  to consider whether the choice is being made out of old or perhaps outdated thinking, or if it represents a direction you want to pursue in the future.

It’s a good time to consider whether thinking or communication has become too rigid or dogmatic and could use some updating.

It’s a time that bodes well for increased benevolence and good will as well as a good time for learning, discovery and new approaches in thinking.

One of the Sabian synbols for this time is,” The ocean covered with white caps.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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