Mercury Retrograde Starts Friday

“Every time I have been aware of a synchronicity experience, I have had an accompanying feeling that some grace came along with it.” Jean Shinola Bolen

“Synchronicity holds the promise that if we change within, the patterns in our outer life will change also.” Jean Shinola Bolen

Mercury, the fleet footed, silver tongued god of commerce and communication who rules over the “pen pushers” (as they call writers  in Mexico) will station retrograde Friday  1/14 on  6:41 AM EDT at 10 degrees of Aquarius.

Synchronicity is alive and well during this Mercury retrograde period which runs from  January 14 through Feb 3 as Mercury stations aligning with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected.

“Expect the unexpected” is the rule for this time frame. If there are agreements that need to be made or important papers that need to be signed, it bodes well to take care of  them in advance of Friday’s station as there is likely to be more unpredictability about at that time.

Mercury retrograde periods are somewhat notorious for snafus with mechanical and electronic equipment. There also can more easily be misunderstandings in communication. So if there is a problem it’s best to seek clarification rather than making assumptions.

Extra downtime will be helpful because Mercury/Uranus alignments can be hard on the nervous system.

Mercury will also be conjunct Saturn triggering the ongoing influence of the Saturn/Uranus square.  This  is associated with the break down of old and outdated structures to make way for the new – as a new world struggles to be born. But giving birth is not an easy process.

It ‘s wise for two or three days before the retrograde station (1/14) as well as the direct station (on Feb 3)  to  raise awareness to see what information surfaces that can represent a culmination of information.We are living in times of great change and extra downtime can help provide increased awareness and knowledge about personal evolution.

On January 29 Mercury will re-enter Capricorn and cross Pluto one more time. So many things are changing and in flux here on Planet Earth at this time and this conjunction provides the opportunity to think more deeply about matters  and to take the Dalai Lama’s suggestion that, “we must always be thinking about what we are thinking. ” Thinking is creating.

Mercury will station direct on Feb 3 at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

Jupiter, the god of hope, spirituality and abundance, now in his home sign of Pisces, is pointing to the potential for the upcoming year to be a more optimistic time.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming bright.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill




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