Mars, Pluto and Moving on

“Mars, Pluto and Eris in combination seems to be like a quest for embodiment: for the real thing, the necessary thing, the one that is actually expressive of human experience, need, and desire.” Eric Francis

“Mars describes the energy source in the human personality. It’s about desire, self-awareness, assertion, and the drive to conquer. It describes one’s desire nature as well. Mars can express itself in ways that are peaceful or violent, frustrated or flowing or somewhere between, though with Mars, there is always the urge to become.” Eric Francis

“Normally we don’t
So much look at things
as overlook them.” Alan Watts

There is some powerful astrology right now Рmuch of which is encouraging us to grab the moment and move powerfully in the direction of our aspirations for the future. It is wise to have very clear intentions and fortify  them with determination and strong will forces.

In a certain sense it’s time to move on from the attitudes and plans that have not panned out.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”

Sabian symbols from Lynda Hill

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