Tuesday’s Fiery New Moon in Leo

“Life is simple and gay
The bright sun rings with a quiet sound
The sound of the bells has quieted down
The morning light hits it all
The footlights of my head are finally lit again
And the room I live in is finally bright.” Pierre Reverdy

“Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine
Let the sun shine in.” from  the musical Hair

The Moon waxes new on Tuesday August 18 at 10:41 PM EDT.  The Sun and Moon in the fiery sign of Leo bring hope, clarity, courage and support for new and creative ideas.

There is a joyousness contained in this sign which is illustrated on the Sun card in the Tarot Card deck. In this painting there is a young child riding bareback on a white horse. The child, symbolizing innocence and trust in the universe,  is smiling radiantly as they ride away from a wall. The wall represents the obstacles which had prevented progress. Brilliant yellow sunflowers tower over the grey wall symbolizing happiness.

This New Moon is a time for planting seeds for future hopes and aspirations – there can be big and bold plans now which can be tempered later in the week as the Moon, Mercury and Sun move into the pragmatic, organized sign of Virgo.

This is an excellent time for rejuvenation and for restoring and strengthening your inner light. We are living through challenging times which have provided  opportunities for personal and spiritual growth along the way. This is a good time to acknowledge them.

As I was taught when studying the symbolism of the Tarot, the light of the Sun shines in and illuminates all the dark corners of the room – things we haven’t been aware of can become more visible now.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Daybreak- the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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