Mars, Uranus and Personal Power

“True power is the power to be connected to, the power to be in harmonious relationship with,” Diane Mariechild

The recent Mars retrograde period provided an excellent time frame to review your personal use of power – how you implement it and how that process might be more clearly conceived and directed. As Mars continues to move forward it is a good time to proceed with new aspirations and initiatives and to slowly and methodically implement them.
With the Uranian influence it is wise to consider how you interface with computers. iphones etc and the effect the time spent on them has on your life. Author and astrosopher David Tresemer has designed an oracle with the symbols for each degree based on myths from ancient Persia. The symbol for the time in which we live is, “Magical implements for the use of good or ill.”

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Diane Mariechild quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra, David Tresemer quote from an interview with Eric Francis on Planet