Mars Opposes Uranus

“I’m going out to clear the pasture spring;
I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear, I may):
I shan’t be gone long – You can come too.” Robert Frost

This is a good week to keep a cup of chamomile tea nearby and to do things that are calming and restorative. Mars opposes Uranus making the entire time – especially Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday a time when nerves are easily frayed, tempers can flare and behavior inclines toward the impulsive. Exercise more caution when moving about and driving and avoid rushing. It can be a good time for accomplishment and moving things forward if you keep moderation in the mix.
One of the Sabian symbols associated with the opposition is “An empty hammock hangs between two lovely trees,” a reminder of the restorative quality of nature in challenging times.
The New Moon is Friday and the opposition will be in effect then – lending strength and power to new intentions and endeavors.