Mars, Uranus and This Week’s Astrology

“Our word ‘courage’ comes from the French word, coeur which means, ‘heart.'” Courage is a willingness to act from the heart, to let your heart lead the way, not knowing what will be required of you next, and if you can do it.” Jean Shinola Bolen
Things continue to proceed at warp speed here on planet earth as retrograde Mars, the planet of action and desire. continues to form a fractious square with Uranus- the planet of the erratic and  unpredictable.

Retrograde Mars is also conjunct the South Node now.

The South Node has to do with patterns from the past – inherited through ancestral lines, past lives and family of origin – that have a weakening effect – a very familiar weakening effect -that can hinder forward motion. It is wise now to summon your courage in areas that feel challenging.

Do keep in mind sudden and surprising events continue to be on the table and it bodes well to provide extra down time for the renewal of vital forces.

Mars/Uranus is associated with sparks and fire. It is a good time to rekindle the spark that inspires your work and your life.

This aspect can also related to recklessness and impulsiveness so it is wise  to be aware of that and keep moderation in mind. With Mercury retrograde it bodes well to take extra care when communicating in all forms – text, email etc. Do double check that information was received and understood rather than rushing to judgment.

If there is something you have wanted to break free of for awhile this energy can help do that.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” An activist is stirring up discontent by spreading her revolutionary ideals.”


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