Mercury Stations Retrograde

“Exploring the question brings more wisdom than having the answer.” The Course in Miracles¬†

“The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest – it is wholeheartedness.” David Whyte

Mercury stationed retrograde July 26at 1:03 AM EDT at 23 degrees of Leo. Mercury stations represent a culmination of information so do be aware of any information which surfaces now that seems relevant to finalizing old issues and clearing the path forward.

Mercury retrograde periods are a good time to reflect, rethink and renew.

This retrograde period lasts from 7/26 – August 19 when Mercury will station direct at 11 degrees of Leo. It’s wise to look at your astrology chart and see which houses and planets are being highlighted at this time.

The Lunar Eclipse – the longest of the century – will occur Friday 7/27 at 4:20 PM EDT at 4 degrees of Aquarius. Eclipses are evolutionary in nature and so it’s wise at this time to be focusing on future aspirations. It bodes well to check the houses of your chart to see where the eclipse falls and where the change is occurring – the first house for example governs identity, the eleventh house, your community, goals and what calls you forward. The fifth house governs creativity, re-creation and children.

The effects of an eclipse can be felt for a significant time both before and after the event itself.

One of the¬† Sabian symbol for the Mercury retrograde is,” A Hindu healer glows with a mystic power.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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