Mercury Retrograde and Saturn

It is in the doing with awareness that the learning comes.” William Horwood
Saturn’s transit through the late degrees of Scorpio has been a challenging time for many people with the fixed signs – Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus – placed prominently in their charts. There has been an increased likelihood that unresolved emotional issues – previously thought to have been resolved – could bubble up to the surface once again potentially creating a stormy time.
Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius on September 17 may feel like a relief as it signals an end to the retrograde cycle which began in mid June. The key is related to developing a new awareness.
Mars and Venus are in Leo now -one of the fixed signs – it bodes well under this influence to see how issues of projection and self esteem may be creating smokescreens or may be blocking personal evolution.
Mercury will station retrograde on the 17th as well – look to the two days before the Mercury station and the two days after for perceptions or guidance that may come representing a culmination of information.
The Sabian symbol for Mercury’s retrograde station is, “After the storms of winter a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.”