Monday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius

” Optimism and a higher vibration are  key to working with the energies available at this full moon time. Creative thinking about how to restructure, reinvent, re-appropriate, recycle and adapt should be part of your focus during this time. Don’t look back unless in gratitude. Look forward, up and beyond limitations and get inspired with what could be instead of fretting about what isn’t.” Lena Stevens

When Alberto Villoldo, the medical anthropologist, was young he had a Cuban nanny. Each night, as he tells it, she would put some dried herbs in a metal pot. set them ablaze and call in the higher spirits. This Full Moon bodes well for this kind of invocation or for spending time in meditation or dream time.

They say the Full Moon is “three days coming and three days going” in influence.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Jupiter/Neptune square – exact three times this year  – is exact. This aspect is about the dreams and visions we have for our lives It’s wise periodically to be in touch with these aspirations in a broad sense and  save the pragmatics for a future time. It is a creative and spiritual aspect when implemented that way. But when not, this aspect can be prone to illusion –  culminating in disillusionment and disappointment.

Jupiter is close by the Full Moon – bringing a sense of expansion, optimism and luck at this time.  Do watch for overdoing –  the pull is strong for overdoing, overspending and overindulging in food and alcohol.

Mars, Mercury and the South Node continue to oppose the Pluto/Saturn/South Node conjunction. This is pointing to the breakdown or undermining  of many of the belief systems and institutions in society. It is akin to the nigredo phase in alchemy (the process of transformation) and it’s wise to remember it is a phase and eventually the phoenix will rise from the ashes. For this reason it is wise to keep your aspirations high for not only your own life, but for a healthy future for the planet.

I have a friend who reminds herself when in challenging situations, “Raise the vibration” and this is a good practice now with Mercury making a favorable aspect to Neptune. It’s a good time to channel higher energy to the earth through higher consciousness.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A flag bearer in a battle.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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