This Week with Mars, Pluto, Saturn and the North Node

” Carl Jung developed a concept from his study of alchemy. In essence, he says that alchemy (major transformation) can occur when we are being called to hold the tension of a situation with all its opposing feelings and thoughts and not do anything—or make any decisions—until the Third Option or Way makes its appearance. We are called upon to wait.

The Third which emerges is a strong insight about the issue we’ve been holding which we didn’t have before. Jung often called this the Numinous Third because it comes from a place of deep knowing in our psyche that is not reached by rational thought alone.” Elizabeth Spring 

“We’ve got to find a way
To bring some understanding here today.” Marvin Gaye

The Sun is in Gemini now – one of the airy, cerebral  signs of duality. It bodes well to take time with decisions and be open to options or ideas that may not normally be in the mix.

This week there’s plenty of energy to harness to get things done. This is due to Mars moving into an opposition to the Pluto/Saturn/South Node conjunction.  Pluto in alignment with Mars is often seen in the charts of high powered and highly motivated professional athletes.  And Mars with Saturn can indicate a time of hard work. It bodes well to take charge of tasks  that need to be done and stay focused on them. A lot can be accomplished under this influence, given you are willing to work through obstacles along the way.

Things can get ramped up with this  planetary combination as well. It can be a time when impatience, frustration and irritability can be on the rise. Extra downtime and less screen time will be beneficial. It bodes well to hold to the path of moderation.
Extra downtime  and less screen time will be beneficial.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is.”A relay race.’

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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