Monday’s New Moon in Aries

“The eternal feminine is thrusting her way into contemporary consciousness. Hers are the ways of peace, compassion, reverence for life and death in the oneness of nature. Knowing her has nothing to do with stumbling towards a fate we think we cannot avoid. It has everything to do with developing consciousness until it is strong enough to hold tension as creative energy.” Marion Woodman

“We can know the dark and dream it into a new image.” Starhawk

The Moon waxes New Monday EDT at 7 degrees of Aries. New Moons are traditionally the harbinger of a new cycle beginning and there is a lot of initiatory energy in the air now. The asteroid of the Dark Moon goddess Lilith is very strong at this time – making harmonious aspects to the Sun, the Moon and Venus. ¬†In astrology Lilith has to do a sense of frustration, and limitation about living a life in tune with the soul’s yearnings and deeply held personal values and desires. It can also be be related to a sense of powerlessness which results in discouragement in areas of self esteem, autonomy and the ability to act freely.

Under this influence much may be revealed about why and how you can hold yourself back from things that are very important in your life. Normally unacknowledged limiting beliefs about what you are entitled to in terms of finances, love pleasure and abundance can be revealed, reviewed and changed if necessary. There is much supportive energy for this process of unveiling from the Sun, the Moon and Venus. It can lead to an evolved sense of wholeness, clarity and empowerment. With Mercury and Uranus together there can be surprising revelations, connections and communications.

And just a reminder that with Venus retrograde it is best to reflect on and review this area of life now and take any new action after April 15 when Venus goes direct.

One of the ¬†Sabian symbol for this New Moon is, “A woman successfully expressing herself in two worlds at once.”


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