More on the New Moon

“The light of modern consciousness is not gentle or reverent; it lacks graciousness in the presence of mystery; it wants to unriddle and control the unknown…It is not hospitable to what is reserved or hidden.”
John O’ Donahue

David Tresemer – astrosopher and author of The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012 has designed an oracle based on the ancient myths of Persia. The oracle is similar in some ways to the Sabian symbols. The degree for the time in which we live is, “Magical implements for the use of good or ill.” and it refers to the development of tools throughout different times in history and how they affect the evolution of humanity. In our time it refers to the use of technology.

Uranus governs things ahead of their time. It governs electronics and technologies which come into widespread use without the time to consider the consequences or the time to put appropriate legal protections in place. Cyber technologies and nuclear power come under this heading.

Because Uranus is conjunct the South Node on the Descendant at the time of the New Moon, it provides good timing to assess your personal use of these devices – how much time , energy and power you give this kind of activity, whether it enhances your life or whether a better balance could be struck.

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