Monday’s Full Moon in Pisces

“I believe deeply that we must find, all of us together, a new spirituality.” Dalai Lama

Monday’s Full Moon is at 16 degrees of Pisces and one of the Sabian symbols associated with this degree is, ” In a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration.”

For many people the past few weeks have been a trying time in terms of the need to face challenges and overcome obstacles. With Pluto’s trine to the Sun it is now a good time for regeneration and reclaiming lost strength and vitality. Pluto’s influence bodes well for physical strength and renewed courage.

The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. Much healing can occur at this time through accessing a higher, more inspired level of perception. A greater level of wholeness can be attained through the healing of fragmented parts of the self.

There is an old story about a woman out walking who came upon two stone cutters. She asked one what he was doing and he replied. “I am squaring the stone.” She asked the other and he said,” I am building a cathedral.”

Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Dalai Lama quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra