Notes on the Week Ahead

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized. ” Sun Tzu

The trickster is about! The influence of futuristic Uranus has been very strong and will continue into later this week. Uranus is the planet that upends the status quo- often through surprising events and occurrences. Love at first sight is a good example of this influence when aligned with Venus the planet of love. The planets of the Lovers РVenus and Mar- are aligned favorably this week making it a good time for attraction and romance.

There is a strong Aries influence now – meaning it is a good time to start things. If there are changes you have been wanting to make in any part of your life, be inventive and innovative in your thinking about how to approach them.

With the planet of desire slowing down to a station soon it is also good to start the process of getting in touch with what you desire for your life on a very deep level . There is time to consider this as the Mars retrograde period runs from April 17  through the end of June.

One of the Sabian symbols for this week is,”The gate opens to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”