Mars Stations Direct

“I think there is nothing in the world but mystery.” Kenneth Patchen

Mars is preparing to station direct on Wednesday at 23 degrees of Scorpio. One of the intriguing aspects of stationing planets is that for a few days before the station and a few days after, information can surface that represents a culmination of knowledge about what the retrograde period has meant for you. Mystery can abound.

As this retrograde period draws to a close do be willing to look at how broad you allow your future horizons to be. Do you need to re-energize your courage to move forward?  How willing are you to pursue adventure in your life? Does your underlying philosophy of life in general need to be shifted to support a broader view?

Mars has traversed back through the sign of Sagittarius and  will station in Scorpio – the sign of mystery. Do be aware of your deeper knowing at this time. It can be a time of increased wisdom. Be aware of opportunities to resolve inner conflicts and unite dualities.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “The king of the fairies approaches his domain.”


Sabian symbol quote by Lynda Hill

Mercury and Mars Retrograde

“Despair is hidden arrogance : ‘I have seen the future and it doesn’t work.’ Hope is rooted in trust of the unknown. Work, wait and hope. That is enough. Sam Keen

With Mercury and Mars now retrograde (Mercury through 5/23 and Mars through the end of June) there can be more confusion than usual with processing feelings and information. This can be in part because of the retrograde period – which provides a better time for review and revisioning – particularly about your plans and options for proceeding – than trying to push forward. It is a good time to practice patience. Don’t let delays or snags with technology catch you by surprise.

With Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius it is a good time also to consider the interplay between faith and fear in your life. Saturn’s square to Neptune, an ongoing influence this year, has to do with in part with experiencing disillusionment – in a sense seeing through the veil – and what we learn and how we grow from these types of experiences.

“Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith: it is an element of faith.” Paul Tillich

Notes on the Week Ahead

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized. ” Sun Tzu

The trickster is about! The influence of futuristic Uranus has been very strong and will continue into later this week. Uranus is the planet that upends the status quo- often through surprising events and occurrences. Love at first sight is a good example of this influence when aligned with Venus the planet of love. The planets of the Lovers – Venus and Mar- are aligned favorably this week making it a good time for attraction and romance.

There is a strong Aries influence now – meaning it is a good time to start things. If there are changes you have been wanting to make in any part of your life, be inventive and innovative in your thinking about how to approach them.

With the planet of desire slowing down to a station soon it is also good to start the process of getting in touch with what you desire for your life on a very deep level . There is time to consider this as the Mars retrograde period runs from April 17  through the end of June.

One of the Sabian symbols for this week is,”The gate opens to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”