Readings for Mercury Retrograde

“Dawn points, and another day
Prepares for heat and silence. Out at sea the dawn wind
Wrinkles and slides. I am here
Or there, or elsewhere. In my beginning.” T.S.Eliot

In Native American Animal Medicine the sight of hawk was a sign to heighten awareness and prepare to receive a message. This teaching is similar to opportunities available to us during Mercury Retrograde periods (now through July 1st) when through a process of revision and review, messages may be revealed to us about the journey along our life’s path – what important thresholds we have crossed, where we are now and how we need to orient ourselves going forward.
In light of this I am now offering Tarot readings based on an ancient Druid divinatory system which reveals information not only about the past, present and future but also about the the life lessons you are evolving through now, the challenges you have recently faced and overcome and insights about what what is working for you at this time.

The readings are $60 and can be done on the phone, in written form through email or in scheduled in person (half hour) appointments at Here Today in Wilton. Gift certificates are also available. Please get in touch if you would like to book some time.

Amelia Shea specializes in issues of family, relationship and transition as well as life path and career.She can be reached at 603 654 1043, and Her readings start at $30 and can be done by phone, email and in person. All times mentioned at EDT .
references to Native American teaching and Druid Spread from Medicine Cards published by Bear books, TS Eliot quote from his poem East Coker