Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the North Node

“Crossing roads, bridges and borders are very important transitions in dreams. The dreamer is passing from the known to the unknown. The crossroads is the place where time and timeless meet. Time is static, timeless is creative.” Marion Woodman

In the more recent history of Astrology the discovery of the asteroids has to do with the re-emergence of the feminine – in both men and women as well as in society. The feminine encourages a holistic orientation (integrating and honoring the levels of body, mind and spirit)  as opposed to the prevalent linear and compartmentalized orientation we see all around us.

As this week draws to a close there are two very important aspects at play – Saturn squares Neptune exactly and Pluto conjuncts the North Node exactly. If over time in your attempts to live a more soulful or soul directed life you have encountered experiences which are  part of a pattern of limitation or frustration, there is an opportunity now to get to the core of the beliefs that are generating those kinds of experiences. These limiting beliefs or thought patterns can come down through the bloodlines or can be adopted through the teachings of the family, religion, culture etc. Many of the limitations can come from ideas about “how things have to be” and rule out the soul’s yearnings. Take a good look at what you are ruling out as possibilities and why. Explore options and allow yourself to be in new territory. Be open in your thinking about the road ahead.

The Saturn Neptune alignment provides an excellent time to consider how you integrate your higher aspirations or dreams into your mundane life. If there is a tendency to get discouraged or overwhelmed too early in the process the forces of Saturn may need to be adjusted. If there is a tendency to spend too much time in the dream world the influence of Neptune may need to be brought into a better balance.

Crossroads offer an opportunity for expansion and growth.  Look to your chart to see what areas of life these planetary alignments are operating or call and schedule a brief reading about how and where it is manifesting in your life.

“Jung said what is not made conscious comes to us as Fate.” Marion Woodman

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