September ’11 Astrology

“The universe is evolving towards an even greater destiny and we are the means of this global transformation.” Pir Vialyat Inayat Khan

September begins under the influence of Jupiter retrograde. The Jupiter retrograde period extends through December 26.  It bodes well during this time period to reassess resources – inner resources such as self esteem, self worth and courage as well as outer resources. It is a good time to review financial strategies – to ascertain where there are resources that may be underused as well as areas where excess spending might be cut back.

As the month begins the Sun is in harmonious aspect to Mars making this an energized time. It is a very good time for organizing, cleaning out files, closets, desks etc. It bodes well for getting things in order in general.

Mercury will be in Virgo from the 9th through the 25. This is a good influence for detail oriented work and planning. It can be a critical influence, though and a good policy for this time frame is to abstain from criticism and instead focus on creating positive solutions.

The Full Moon is on 9/12 at 19 Pisces.

The 14th through the 18th  may feeling challenging as Venus enters Libra and sets off the Pluto/Uranus square. Under these influences unresolved partnership issues may resurface – particularly issues involving love, finances and freedom. It is best to focus on what it is on a deeper level that needs to be transformed and to look for innovative approaches and breakthroughs.

The Sun moves into Libra – the sign of fairness in partnership on 9/23 keeping the focus on justice in relationship. Pay attention to what is being triggered under this influence.  Those are the area’s most likely in need of change and reform.

Mars will enter the sign of Leo on the 18th making this a good time for levity, entertaining and creativity.

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