On Neptune in Aquarius

I work at a small environmental journal. I had anticipated that this juncture in my work – proofing the copy and the ads – was going to require more attention to detail than usual because Mercury is retrograde and widely opposite Neptune. This aspect bodes well for ethereal endeavors- spiritual, creative and idealistic. It reminds me of a day when my friend and I decided to start a peace vigil in town – to go down town as time allowed and hold signs that spoke of our desire for a peaceful world. Someone we knew was driving by and pulled his car over when he saw us there. It was a cold day and he brought us some warm muffins. . He said “The world will always need dreamers.” That is a Neptune/Mercury comment. Many of the uprisings we have recently witnessed in Syria and North Africa have come under the influence of Neptune in Aquarius -where it is now. There has been a collaboration of like minded people trying to create a more just life for themselves and the world. It would be easy to get discouraged if these idealists were focused mainly on the pragmatic details of how their endeavors would proceed logically. Neptune requires faith and sustains spiritual and idealistic efforts through faith. Today as I expected when I started proofing the paper, many typos came my way. But it was okay- I was prepared because of my knowledge and respect for cosmic influences.