Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio

“Experiencing grace involves the expansion of consciousness of self to all of one’s surroundings as an unbroken whole, a consciousness of awe from which negative mind states are absent, from which healing and groundedness result. For these reasons, grace has been long been deemed “amazing.” Charlene Spretnak

“In order to receive the grace and redemption of Sagittarius, you must slay the dragons of Scorpio.” Richard Idemon

The Moon waxes full Sunday at 9 degrees of Scorpio at 8:58 PM. EDT in the sign of Scorpio – the sign of transformation. Richard Idemon, the Jungian astrologer and teacher has written about the evolutionary journey from one sign to the next in astrology. As we approach Sunday’s Full Moon in Scorpio it bodes well to muse about the elements in your life that need to be transformed – or that you need to let die- in order to evolve. Sometimes this can feel like battling dragons – with thoughts, beliefs or feelings that have held a powerful sway.

At the time of the Full Moon the Sun in Taurus opposes the Moon in Scorpio and they square the Lunar Nodes in Leo and Aquarius. This configuration marks an important crossroad as the Lunar Nodes involve incarnational purpose. It bodes well to consider how and where you are investing your energy and to what end.  And whether there are more worthy directions to pursue or whether a better balance can be struck.  Pluto, Mars and Saturn are all in Capricorn and this supports good time management and planning.

The asteroid Ceres is conjunct the North Node indicating it’s wise to consider how you plan to nurture your self  as well as your dreams and aspirations going forward. It bodes well to look at levels of self esteem and self love to see if improvement is necessary.

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer is conjunct Juno, the asteroid of  commitments. Both Juno and Chiron are at the Aries point – the point of all beginnings. It is wise with this aspect to remember no one gets to define who you are in a way that is more important than the way you define yourself. It’s a good time to forgive unhelpful teachers or mentors along the way who, although trying to be helpful, may have given you advice which no longer serves you. It is also a good time to assess which relationship dynamics no longer serve you.

Saturn is trining the Sun indicating that planning for the long haul, being willing to commit to things and follow through on them and being  willing to work for and wait for results will bring success.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Full Moon is,”The silvery moon shining across a beautiful lake.” Lynda Hill


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